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    The world's very first crypto-social project made for men on the Hive blockchain. Come in, sit down, and take part in our crypto movement

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    What IS The Man Cave?

    What are we? And what do we do? Curious? Find out here.

    Why a place for men?

    Why men? Why not everyone? After all that's the inclusive thing to do, right? Find out here.

    Our Projects

    Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about our $BRO token, the projects we are involved with and more.

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    CineTV is a brand new project created from the profits of The Man Cave. Our aim is to create a fun and positive community...


    Bro-Fi is our project for people that want to get their hands on BRO but don't actually have the funds to do so. This...

    The BRO Token

    The $BRO token is the fundamental underpinning of the man cave. It's how we fund our projects and are able to do what we...

    Why A Place For Men?

    There's a lot of negative press when it comes to men's groups - the biggest argument being that men have owned their own spaces...

    What IS The Man Cave

    The Man Cave is a community of men created expressly for the needs and wants of men. We exist solely to provide a place...

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