The Man Cave

The World’s first crypto-social project aimed at men

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Our Core

What is BroCoin?

BROCoin (Brocoin) is a utility token that can be used for gaining upvotes on the EasySocial platform. The EasySocial platform will be a media platforms that function in a similar fashion to Facebook. You will gain rewards for being creative, being community orientated, and invested in the token.

Brocoin will also be used for membership access to our magazine portal. The portal isn't fully built yet but after our crowdfund we'll be hiring skilled people to put it together.

In the future you will be able to buy and sell manly goods, get access to free training materials on most subjects, and you will be able to gain entry to exclusive speaker events.

Investors of BROCOIN in our ICO will also receive a share-drop of EasySocial tokens to their EasyDex account and this will stand buyers in good stead for any other chains that start up in the future from the EasyDex team.
of it's kind

Never attempted before anywhere.

Built with
compassion for men

Men and women that are eager to network with, and help men

Unique Opportunity

Starting in Sept 2018, Bro can be utilized for many purposes.

Operational platform

Our discord server is up and running already. Come in!

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Looking forward

Protecting The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Men

We want to empower men with the clarity and abundance mindset to go out and achieve anything they can dream up or think of. Our main aim here is to create an awesome network of men that empower each other

There is a dire need for a space for men to come in and just, well, be men. There is often a world that’s telling us what we ‘should’ be, rather than letting us accept us for who we are. If you look take a look at spaces for women — those are already ahead of us; they teach each and every woman that it’s perfectly acceptable to be a woman, and it is. Why not have a place for men that does the same?

Our Goal

We Will Bring Together Men From All Over The World

The ultimate goal of The Man Cave and BroCoin is to bring cohesion within groups of men and a better understanding of one another.

Our vision is to create a thriving hub for men to prosper, communicate and network with other men where we can share ideas, learn new trades, be better people, or just sit back, relax and have a beer whilst talking to friends.

Token structure

Distibution of Tokens

Brocoin will be the fundamental underpinning of the work that we do in the man cave. We want to incentivise our users to participate. We want to create a community coin that will be used to reward participants for their continued involvement in the cave. We plan to have participation levels, random rewards, gift days, lotteries, quiz tokens and so much more.

You will be able to use BroCoin on our sister website to buy, share, read, and participate in manly things. We plan to host community events, and hopefully invite popular speakers along to our cause; you will only gain entry to these events with BroCoin, but you can earn BroCoin easily by participating in some form in The Man Cave.

  • 75% ICO Crowdfunding

  • 10% Reserved For Team

  • 10% Reserved for Aggressive Marketing

  • 5% Bounty Programme

Distribution # token
Token Sale 75% 100,000,000
Team 10% 13,400,000
Aggressive Marketing 10% 13,400,000
Bounty 5% 7,400,000
We are Giving You a Chance to

Start your own Man Cave

In January 2019 we hope to launch Man Cave local, which will inspire adventurous individuals to go out and start their own Man Caves in the real world. Grants will be available for this and we will be accepting applications after our ICO

Sale Ends

Sep 30, 2018, 23:59:59 UTC


How it all Started

Project Idea
A small group of colleagues on the Steemit blockchain banded together after a long discussion on one of their community discord servers.
ICO and Token Design
With the help, backing and understanding of Jacob and Trepka from EasyDex we were able to create the idea for BroCoin, how it will be utilised in the future, how we could create value for the coin, and any ideas going forward.
The Man Cave Begins
With the token sale now in its conclusion and the funds & coins dispersed to the rightful owners we will now start in full flow with our aggressive marketing campaign, website development, and creating a lovely and diverse community.
Business Conception
Like all community projects if one wants to make them sustainable then at some point you have to turn them into a business. We understand this with our teams combined 50 years working with community projects.
Token Sale and Marketing
Welcome to our token sale! There will be 100 Million BroCoins available to the general public; each coin being worth roughly $0.05.
Man Cave Local
Man Cave local is an initiative where interested members of the Man Cave will advertise and create a local Man Cave in the real world for men to do exactly the same as they do in our discord server. Earn BroCoin by participating in any way they can. Our aim is to tackle stagnation and poverty head on by introducing initiatives that train, inspire and uplift the general well being of men.
Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: September 1st, 2018, Saturday, 00:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: $5m
Token: BRO
Exchange rate: 1 BRO = $0.05
Algorithm: DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake)

Payment Methods

You can buy tokens at the EasyDex exchange

Our Best Asset

Community-Focused Team

Our Mentors

BroCoin Advisors

Foundation of Our Success

Community Contributors