Hello, we're the Bro's

Welcome to The Man Cave! We have been working with men for most of our adult lives and started in the cryptosphere almost ten years ago. During this time we've had the pleasure of working with thousands of people of all ability levels

At The Man Cave we try and harness your creativity to enhance your earning potential in the cryptosphere, be that with writing, drawing, music, film and media, or something completely different.

There is always something to do on the Hive Blockchain


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What motivates us?

In the beginning we were just a small group of men looking to create. But then, everything changed!


Change lives

Being able to radically change people's lives for the better is the true motivator behind everything we do.


Does it work

Join our community, get involved, and/or buy BRO.


Awesome results

BRO is a non inflationary token. We take advantage of the inflation from other tokens and give these to our community. This month alone we gave out over $2000+ in dividends.

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BRO. Our gold standard. The token you want to buy if you are interested in everything we do


Our Core Token

Earn Cine tokens and swap them out for real money through writing about your favourite films and Tv shows.


Film & Tv Tribe

You can earn bro daily by delegating your tribe tokens to bro-fi. The very first decentralised finance on Hive


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