Bro-Fi is our project for people that want to get their hands on BRO but don’t actually have the funds to do so. This was what is was created for — however people are free to use it in however way they see fit.

The idea is this. You delegate your tribe (community) tokens to BRO-FI and you will receive daily BRO dependent on this stake. So for example if you delegate 1000 Hive to the hive pool and there is 27000 Hive in there already, then you will receive 1/27th of the daily BRO from this pool

However there isn’t just a Hive pool, there are many pools. Some pools have WAY more daily BRO, where other pools just have a tiny little bit. BRO holders get to vote to see which pools receive the most rewards. They can do this on our discord server in the #bro-fi section here:


Hive has many communities and tribes, and we host most of them. You can delegate almost anything to Bro-Fi as long as it’s a community tribe token. You will have to make sure that your pool has some BRO, though. Else you aren’t going to earn anything if it has nothing in there. Commands can be found in the discord chat to prompt the bots to check on liquidity of pools so that you know what to delegate to earn BRO.

Bro-Fi is a partnership project and it is ran by @taskmanager from the Archon tribe, who asked me if I would be interested in this. I was, so he did the coding and I provided the liquidity for the starting pool.

We always call this project the full circle. If you are bullish on BRO then your strategy should work like this. Earn tribe tokens, delegate them to BRO-Fi, earn BRO and then repeat.

I’d also like to note that the brofund team don’t participate in this project because if we were to delegate our stakes then most of the BRO would be going to us, and whilst that seems great, it’s not going to help those that would like a taste of our coin. So it runs as is and is used by the community, but not us.


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