Brofund & BRO. An in depth explanation. Some Stats and future thoughts. A Transparency Report of Sorts

Okay guys, I had a long chat with @themarkymark last night and he explained to me that whilst I have all these plans in my head most of you might not be aware of them. It’s a flaw of mine that I’m trying to get better at. I shouldn’t just expect you guys to know what I am thinking. I’ll explain it all out to you as if you had no clue.

Firstly, @brofund is yours too

I’ve had numerous conversations with @themarkymark about creating value on hive, and I always thought our strongest point was the value that I store for us. It seems he wasn’t aware of this, and I’m now wondering if you guys are aware of this too. Everything the @brofund holds, collects, takes value from, is yours too. If you own a BRO coin then you own a part of the @brofund.

What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s hypothetically assume that I get tired and I want to retire. My son doesn’t want to take this over, and neither does any of my other admins. Then we close down operations, right? Your first thought is that the coin will hit the floor and you’ll need to exit quickly to get the value that you bought.


The Brofund is set up in a way that when the time comes to shut up shop then we will be dividing up our assets in a way that benefits everyone that holds one of our tokens. Think of it this way. If you own 0.001% of BRO, then you will get a 0.001% share of what we divide up in our assets.

I would divide the assets up like such, BRO founders / BRO owners – with at the very least 50% of the fund going to BRO owners. This may not seem like a huge amount right now, but trust me, in 5-10 years it’s going to be massive.

This has always been my plan because it is a way to hold up the price without having to be accountable to speculation.

Perhaps this is why I’ve always had to battle discussions in my Discord that ROI isn’t just based on dividends, but coin worth too.

What if I die?

All of my Admins have the keys to the brofund account.

If I die then things will continue as normal, and, if whoever has the keys acts against the best interests of the community I have a sleeper agent that will lock out said Admins until a mutually beneficial agreement has been reached.

My goal has always been for the community. I have tried my best to make sure this happens.

What does our current assets sit at?

Okay, so let’s calculate this then:

Total Hive/Hive engine assets: $114,607 which is 276,802 Hive.
Splinterlands assets: $10,000 which is 24,152 Hive
Other places (off Hive): $7,000 which is 16,906 Hive

Total: $131,607 which is 317,861 Hive.

That gives us a coin price of $1.90 and a Hive price of 4.60 Hive (actual)

This is relatively lower than it usually is, however we have seen Leo lose almost 80% of its value in recent months, which was a significant portion of our holdings.

I am working on this though, and have positioned myself in a few high yield BNB projects for recurring payouts. We are still growing, regardless of what it may look like.


Currently I am looking at external growth. A way to pull in fresh money to hive. I have already secured at least $150 per day growth from BNB and Matic projects; I am now looking into mainstream. It may seem like I am quiet but I am constantly searching and looking for new opportunities.

Dividends are low right now, I know. I am working on this. Stay tuned. There are also several things I am working on building that will pilot in the near future:

  • Dlux community coin for the Bro’s
  • @taskmanager and myself are looking into Klye’s smart chain
  • DreamR I feel is finally on the Horizon (this one will be big, trust me)

And that’s all for now. I have been asked to release these reports monthly, so I will be taking that time do so. Guess I’ll have to set myself a reminder.

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