Business Conception

Like all community projects if one wants to make them sustainable then at some point you have to turn them into a business. We understand this with our teams combined 50 years working with community projects. This was a challenge at first, underpinning what was going to be our business aims when the main aim of the project was to support and help men.

First we had the idea of the ICO and creating worth for the coin, but for us to be continually available to the community and have funding to help others then we needed to have some form of business idea to create a sustainable environment that would enable the team to circulate Bro to the community and then back to the team again.

This is where we came up with the idea for the website. Our Man Cave website will be a portal for men to share their thoughts with us, buy and sell manly goods in the future, read great articles from professionals in their field, and attend speaker events from high profile people. You will need Bro to do this but you can easily earn Bro from within the community.

By doing this; and we will be open to further ideas in the future, we will be able to create a cast-iron circulatory system where Bro is funnelled to the community in rewards and then channelled back to us in some form or other.

  • You will be able to use your Bro right after the ICO
    After the ICO concludes and your Bro is dispersed to you then you’ll be able to use it in the many ways detailed above
  • Sustainable
    Our community project is sustainable and thoroughly thought through
  • Good worth
    Owning Bro will allow you to purchase upvotes on all of the EasyLife chains, gain access to our exclusive website, and attend speaker functions. Much more to come.

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