CineTV is a brand new project created from the profits of The Man Cave. Our aim is to create a fun and positive community around Film and TV. You can write or blog about anything TV related here, and earn Cine tokens for your activity.

You can find our community here:

Cine tokens are the community token behind Cine. Participating, sharing & curating will earn you Cine which can eventually be traded for other crypto such as Hive.

At Cine we are interested in the community running away with their own ideas. So, whilst we have our own fundamental website and dapps for Cine we are hoping that the community will run off with their own ideas and inventions, adding more and more functionality to the ecosystem.

This is why we have set up a DAO. You can find the Cine DAO here. In our DAO you can submit proposals for additional funding for your adventures. Perhaps you need a large amount of Cine tokens for a project you are undertaking? Then you can seek funding through here. The idea being that the people with large stake get to dictate which projects are funded and which ones are not. Want to participate? Buy Cine. You can buy cine here.

We are in the midst of rebranding our website at the moment and have went with the popular design of the most common TV and Film websites out there. Here is a working example:

We have other ideas in our project portfolio and are looking at on-boarding independent film makers once our front end is up and running. We are also looking into working with 3speak at some point in time. A tokenised video platform built on Hive.

As a form of respect, because we gifted Cine to the community. We created no sell walls, and created no Cine Miners — 5% of all Cine minted is taken back to the Brofund and shared with $BRO token holders.

So, why not come in and have some fun? Tell us about your favourite Film or TV episode, our tell us what series relates to your life. So many options, so much fun to be had!


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