How To Maximise Your Earnings With Us

Note to my hive degens: We updated the website. Since I know a lot about writing I am going to start trying to appeal to a “wider audience.”

So you are wondering,

“what is this place and how do we use it, or even earn from it?”

Alas, never fear, your friendly neighbourhood Bro, @Raymondspeaks will tell you all. @Raymondspeaks is my Hive username in case you were wondering.

Hive is like Facebook or twitter, but better, and without the constant hating on each other. Think social media for professionals and creatives with more than half a brain, that actually want to work together and solve real world problems.

Anyway, firstly, you will need a Hive account. It may cost you a couple of dollars depending on which route you take, but it will be the cheapest $5-$10 you’ve ever spent in your entire life. You can acquire one here. A great entry point is through somewhere like coinbase or binance. You will need one or the other to cash out that’s for sure!

Are you a creative?

I believe that everyone has some form of creative ability in them. On hive there is absolutely something for everyone. I spoke to my friend last week who’s ears pricked up when I mentioned affiliate marketing (as he is a marketer by trade), but his eyes seemed to gloss over after I told him it was crypto related. This is an early entry point folks. Think when the Internet came along and it took a good ten years for everyone to get behind it. Now everyone uses it.

But that’s only a small sub section of Hive. Did you know the world’s biggest blockchain game is built on the hive blockchain? Yup. Splinterlands is a well played mammoth of a game which has recently sealed partnerships with Warner Brothers.

And oh boy you can write. You can write until your hearts content. The best thing? You don’t even need to be really good at it — you only need to make a half decent attempt. People will throw goodies at you.

Funny money?

Ah, lordy, the amount of times I’ve heard a stranger, an acquaintance, and sometimes even a friend tell me that what I’m doing is a scam because the money is invented out of thin air.

The beauty of it all? The market decides. So if you have dollars, but no-one is interested in dollars, then what you have drops dramatically. This is what happens with Hive. People want it, so it’s in demand, and the price remains stable.


New hive is created daily. We are the only blockchain in the world that allows you to start with nothing and grind your way to the top. With Bitcoin you need a literal truckload of energy to mint new bitcoins, we mint our new coins by “upvoting” work that we like. How much that upvote is worth depends on how much stake you have. You can stake by earning more from the platform. Ingenious. People that invest can earn more, as can people that “work” the platform.

Us? The BRO token?

We created a nifty little token that sucks the inflation from hive tokens and feeds them back to our project — which we disperse as dividends daily. We also created a project called BroFi which essentially saps the inflation out of the other tokens but rewards you in BRO instead. It’s a pretty neat little system. You can get far ahead if you wanted to.

So that brings me neatly to what I next want to say — you can really compound and graft our project if you wanted to.

Basically, you could start by writing posts and earning hive and all the other tokens available to you. Then, delegate those to Brofi.

Instead of selling the BRO that you earn from Brofi, keep it.

From the tokens that you earn from just holding BRO AND that which you earn from blogging, delegate it back to Brofi. Rinse and repeat. The beautiful thing is that your stake will always be there and grow larger, as will your BRO.

Compound Interest

Compound Interest will make you rich. Sadly, it wont in the real world because there’s not much you can earn from a hefty sum, but in cryptocurrency you can. You can earn $10 daily from your $1000 in some projects, and 1% is a relatively normal amount to earn in our sphere.

If you take $1000 and compound it at 1% daily then by day 90 you have more than doubled your money, and by day 365 you will have boosted your amount by more than 3000%

Don’t delay

So don’t wait for it to happen and complain that you never get the chance to do anything. Start now. The world will thank you for it.

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