Token Sale and Marketing

Welcome to our token sale! There will be 100 Million BroCoins available to the general public; each coin being worth roughly $0.05.

There is a large bounty program available to get the word out there. Please check our bounty page for more information.

After the token sale concludes then you will immediately be able to use your BroCoin within our community and the EasyLife platform

  • This desires great advantage:
    Rather than be constrained by ideas for new products, services and new markets coming from just a few people, a Thinking Corporation can tap into the employees.
  • Increased profits:
    Resultant you is you obtain explorer builder teachings exercise enjoy. Enjoy the, avoids, again – explain toil exercise you because which builder. 
  • Higher business values:
    The link between profits and business value means that the moment a corporation creates a new sustainable level of profit, the business value is adjusted accordingly.
  • Lower staff turnover:
    This, combined with the culture that must exist for innovation and creativity to flourish, means that new employees will be attracted to the organization.

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