ICO and Token Design

With the help, backing and understanding of Jacob and Trepka we were able to create the idea for BroCoin, how it will be utilised in the future, how we could create value for the coin, and any ideas going forward. We had several group brainstorming sessions which were very successful. We asked and listened to our community and implemented most of which they wanted too.

Thankfully afterwards we had a surge of willing contributors. These people will be the backbone of what we do in the cave. This will be the honey for which the bears will come sniffing at the cave. We will hopefully, in time, be a great information, networking and helpful source to men seeking guidance in every subject.

Our token was designed by our in-house animator, as with most of the designs you see in the cave. He will be a source for people wishing to learn design.

We created 500 Million of our tokens, 100 Million of such will be ready to purchase at the ICO from September 1st. We have held back over 340 Million for our ambitious project Man Cave Local

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