Man Cave Local

Man Cave Local

The Man Cave local is an ambitious project; one that has required us to withhold a separate amount of coins from the ICO to fund its presence. Man Cave local is an initiative where interested members of the Man Cave will advertise and create a local Man Cave in the real world for men to do exactly the same as they do in our discord server. Earn BroCoin by participating in any way they can. Our aim is to tackle stagnation and poverty head on by introducing initiatives that train, inspire and uplift the general well being of men.

By March 2019 we would like to see at least one person from our Man Cave going out into their community, hosting an event, and spreading the good word about what we do.

It is a project that will take time and a careful amount of planning. Venues will need to be sought out and any costs involved with such. Recreation, staffing, and any legal issues concerning the creation of such a venue. It is by no means an easy task but we will be accepting applications in October for local initiatives to be fully funded by at least March and operational afterwards.

Applications will need to be extensive, detailed and informative. We will provide examples.

All Man Cave Local projects will be funded from a Multisignature wallet which will need at least three Community Developers to sign off on.

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