Project Idea

A small group of colleagues on the Steemit blockchain banded together after a long discussion on one of their community discord servers. The discussion was about men and what can we be doing ourselves to alleviate the mayhem and division out in the world right now. It doesn’t seem popular to be a man right now, and we wanted to change this for the better.

So the concept of the Man Cave was formed.

Two of us got together and hashed out a simple but effective idea of how to get men networking together, participating regularly, and helping other men succeed as they succeed themselves. The idea was a tall one we realised and one that would need a good amount of funding to follow through.

We knew that creating an ICO was a brilliant idea but having a coin was only the first step; we’d need to create worth for the coin also, so those that bought it knew that it would hold value and they just weren’t throwing away their money.

Luckily this is where Jacob Henderson and his partner Trepka Henderson from EasyDex decided to help us in our conquest. They liked our idea, and ultimately our idea fitted in with their future plans. This is where the Man Cave and The EasyLife media chains on EasyDex will walk hand in hand. They decided to help us, and give our coin worth on their platform.

So. We then had an idea, a vision, a coin, and worth for the coin.

  • Men will be motivated to grow
    With weekly allowances for regular contributors this will encourage men to go further in their hobbies and professions, and/or learn more
  • BroCoin has value
    Alongside weekly contributions those that own ManCave coin will be encouraged to swap it for upvotes on the EasyLife chain
  • Men will be encouraged to learn
    With all the work, the time put in, and the creation of our contributors, the man cave will be a massive information portal for men.
  • BroCoin will be sustainable
    Since BroCoin will have value outwith the exchange and has a working platform, we forsee a sustainable price.

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