Alex CupidProfessional Wrestler

Alex Cupid
areas of expertise
  • Young People’s Mental Health
  • Young People
  • Community Cohesion
  • Wellness & Wellbeing
  • 3 years working with disadvantaged young people
  • 2 years professional male wrestling
  • Podcaster, writer and entrepreneur

With a combined 5 years of working with young people in education and community projects, Alex was our first choice to have work with us in the youth element. The Man Cave wasn’t just designed for middle aged men; it is for everyone. Alex will provide many great, and inspiring youth projects out of the Cave.

Before working with us at The Man Cave Alex is a serious young person’s activist. He has appeared on many podcasts, and professional YouTube interviews with a Charity called Young Minds. His efforts in trying to gain a voice for youth are second to none. Alex is also a professional wrestler and uses his fan base and popular voice to continue fighting for young people’s rights. He also works with Raymond Baxter in their popular Podcast: exploring masculinity.