Clair RhodesAgony Aunt

Clair Rhodes

Clair has over 30 years experience in the community space, volunteering for 10+ years on her local Action group where she learned negotiation skills to ensure successful outcomes from Professional members within the Community as well as local, State and Federal Members of Parliament. Later Clair joined the local chapter of a world wide Organisation where she became President and sat on sub-committees undertaking projects to assist local and interstate residents as well as international groups of people who were in need, for example collecting used spectacles for use in 3rd world countries, breakfast programs for school children in low socio-economic areas, fundraising to build or provide facilities in 3rd world countries, raising funds for local community groups who struggled to get funding, donating money to build social spaces for families as well as many other worthwhile projects.

Clair has qualifications in Community Services that compliment her empathetic caring nature, her calm demeanor combined with life skills makes her an excellent listener who can offer sound solid advice for those in a crisis or just need someone to bounce problems off of and seek a solution. Her work has been predominately in the community service space working with disadvantaged and troubled persons who have reached out to her for assistance time and again, knowing she is never critical of them nor judgemental, but there to help in anyway be that just listening or finding suitable resources to assist them and help them move forward to a better place. Clair loves to hear of people’s journeys and find ways to smooth the road ahead for them.

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