Eric MinixFood, Drink & Athletics

Eric Minix
areas of expertise
  • Public Relations
  • Food & Beverage
  • Fitness
  • education
  • Serves as a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Has a great passion for food and restaurants. Writes articles on local up and coming breweries
  • Experienced athlete; CrossFit for two years and enjoy spreading the word about how life-changing it can be.

With almost five years serving as a Law Enforcement Officer, Eric has grown to really enjoy the connections that he is able to make with citizens in his community, and he loves having the opportunity to get out and do public relations events for his department. Over the past few years, he has developed a real interest in enjoying foods and really using his palate to taste all the great flavors you can get in well-made dishes. The same goes for craft beers, there are many different tasting notes in craft beer depending on the types of hops used during the brewing process. Crossfit has been life-changing for him, the sense of community that you find in a CrossFit box is unlike anything that you would ever find in one of your commercial Globo gyms.