Isaac TanDesign Director

Areas of expertise
  • Community Builder in cryptosphere
  • Community Management
  • Build creative and art direction
  • Character Animator & Graphics Design.
  • Have been in the advertising industry for several years as a 3D Generalists
  • Specializes in Character Animation for cartoon TV Series
  • Have done commercials, event launchings, cartoon tv series and video productions
  • Worked on projects for Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Zagtoon, Toei Animations and many more.

At a very early stage of his career, he has been tasked to produce quality adverts for international clients and he does it from scratch. Being the only 3D Generalist in the company has taught him many values and ethics of managing and pitching decks to clients. He has learned a ton of graphic design trends & trades and have now used them to build projects around the crypto sphere.

He later decides to specialize solely on character animation as it was his core passion. He moved out from the company and into an international company that produces cartoon tv series. His main projects are from Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, and Toei Animation. He is a jack of all trades and knows the creative industries pipeline fairly well as he has taken on the advertising industry and the animation industry.

Later, he began getting involved in a crypto social platform called Steemit during his spare time. From there, he extends his skills and knowledge of managing and building largely impactful communities on Steemit. He is also part of core team of several initiatives and communities on there. With all that knowledge and skills that he have learned throughout, he aims to help bring The Man Cave to its highest potential in creative ways.