Standing Alone

How prepared are you to stand alone just for your convictions or something you believe in??

What is the degree of your compromise or perseverance you have for what you believe in??

What values or principles of yours are you willing to stand alone for no matter what.
Do you know them??

The world has become a bandwagon wave that is almost dragging everyone in it in a particular direction. So much so that if you don’t follow that direction too as a person, you are seen as a weirdo, an outcast or people will just literally shun you.

But in more cases than one, it is beautiful often to stand alone for something you believe in or for something that has steered the moral compass of your entire life for so long.

Which people are now asking you to change it or modify it because it doesn’t go according to modern society trends.

These moral values often may include character traits like honesty, integrity, faithfulness, commitment to a certain cause or work and so on. I totally have the belief that you already have an idea about what i am driving at,
Let me give you a situational context of mine just to help you understand exactly what I mean here.

In my third year in the University, my lecturers in the Business School contacted me to offer me advice on which course or program I should choose to have a better career opportunity in the future.

They suggested I opt for Banking and Finance course option to major in for a brighter career path in the future.

I said No. that will not be an option for me. I will choose to major in Marketing instead. They were very much disappointed in me and in my choice. And I understood why.

I felt bad and awful too because in the previous year before going to my third year, they had taken me on a ride in search of jobs for me to do my attachment. So I can have a professional experience with the business administration program I was studying.

But we had no luck.

God, I know they meant really well for me, especially due to my disability, they thought becoming a banker in the future would be a solid career choice for me for a sedentary Job option.

“Marketing involves a lot of mobility and moving around which you cannot do and adjust to easily given your condition” one of them advised.

I struggled to find a decent job for years after I was out of my first one. The discrimination from employers, the name calling and ridicule of my professional experience on my CV. It wasn’t easy for me at all my dear readers.
But through it all I stood firm and remained resolute for what I believe in.

Today I write to you everyday and every week, most of you admire my writings and teaching methods. But until now, what you didn’t know was that I had to go through hell and a lot of shaming just to follow my passion.

Thank you all for your belief and encouragement and support for my writings and teachings. I am forever grateful. But just take this from me today, nothing you want in this life comes easy.

There is a price to pay for everything decision or choice you to do or make.

Let me ask you again, are you willing to stand alone just for what you believe in??

Remember, you will lose a lot of friends, be hated by many or shunned by family members and loved ones just because you decided to go on a certain path.

My pastors preaching the unadulterated word of God, my ladies who have decided to be virtuous and well mannered at any cost, my men who have also decided to be hardworking and will not go chasing after “how to get rich quick” it will be tough ooo I’m warning you, but please don’t give up. Stand firm for one day, we shall all wear a deserving crown of glory.

This article is dedicated to anyone going through struggles or persecution of life just because you decided to stand alone for truth or something that is right.

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