The BRO Token


The $BRO token is the fundamental underpinning of the man cave. It’s how we fund our projects and are able to do what we do. CineTV for example came from the profits and the earnings of the $BRO token. Everything that we do with this is for the benefit and growth of our community.

If you own $BRO you will receive dividends to your wallet every day. The more projects that we invest in, and engage in, the better your dividends will get. Basically, an investment in our token is the start of a growth builder portfolio. You will find weird and wonderful tokens in there every day, each with their own value and uses. With our token you can grow your portfolio.

No need to stake.

With a lot of tokens out there, to receive some form of payment then you will need to stake your token for certain periods of time, this is essentially locking them up where they can’t be used for the staking period. However, at The man Cave we totally understand that bills need to be paid, emergencies can occur, and absolutely accidents can happen — so simply by holding out token in your wallet will net you daily dividends. Unless you sell of course.

Dividends are dependent on the amount of $BRO you hold. So for example someone with 10 will get significantly less dividends than someone that owns 1000.

We have a different model here at The man Cave because I can just about hear all the questions already — how does it work? Wouldn’t you run out of investment already? These are questions we get a lot, and some people have likened our project to a scam, alas, this is pretty much due to the failure to understand (or even want to understand) as to how the fundamental premise of hive (and hive-engine) exists.

Think of it this way. From people buying our token we were able to invest in a lot of virtual miners and regular coins. This means that regardless of what we “hold” in our coffers, we will always be minting new coins daily from the projects that we are invested in. $BRO holders will receive a significant portion of what we mint daily. The balance is, 60% to holders, 40% to the team and growth.

Each token is backed by significant wealth. You may think of us as a dividend token, but we are also backed by lots of good & valuable tokens. So whatever you receive in dividends, know there is also a backing to match the price also.

so, why wait? Go and buy some $BRO today. Start your future.



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