Update on where we are

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Let’s just say I’ve been busy.

Today we are going to give a much needed breakdown of our funds and where we are as a project. We’ve been quiet as of late, but I haven’t been shirking!

Okay, so let’s do a tally up for the Bro’s on our holdings and what it means for the price of our coin! We’ll do this step by step, add it all up, and swap it into the hive equivalent.


Brofund HP: $13,496
Sim City: $17,177
Off Chain: $10,000 $10,000
HoT: $5,139
Blurt: $613
Splinterlands: $6,665

Hive assets: $143,164

Total Full assets: $206,254

That in Hive: 370,169 Hive

Which gives a coin price of: 5.35 Hive.

A couple of things to note though!

There was no way to calculate the value of BroFi – which mints the Bro’s expensive tokens daily that I use to further gain us a competitive edge. You have probably noticed the uppage in Leo divs for example!

There was also no way to calculate the proper value of Cine because I didn’t set a founders pot. So I used the value of which I have spent on it so far, which is roughly $10,000.

Also, We own 5% of Vibes, which is pretty much its own forward thinking entity. There was no way to price this either, so I just went with current token wealth.

No-one knows this but I have been quietly collecting splinterlands cards. I’ve been doing this for the purpose of wealth storage. From what I’ve seen the cards only seem to go up in value with each new edition, alas, I have taken to carving the BRO wealth into a nice little Splinterlands pot.


I used my own account because I already had a starting point of $1000 including a maxed zaku. But this is entirely BRO wealth. When the time comes to transfer, that is what I will do.

I’ve been quiet, hustling away

Some of you may note that I have been quiet as of late. This is because I have been teaching myself multiple ways to earn online. The process has been fun so far, and alas, I have been making some gains with this — but don’t get too excited yet. Mastery comes after long, hard work. I want to have multiple earning streams for us, so that when the crash comes, we will still be fine!

The idea is to syphon mainstream money into hive. Like what Utopis is doing, but on a much grander scale. Time will tell!

In the future!

Cine has a prosperous future. Currently I am witholding talking to @theycallmedan until our new front end is built, and, currently Dan is a new Dad and I know how f’ing stressful that can be for the first few months. So I am leaving him alone for now.

However, in the future I would like to build something along the lines of a showcase of independent film artists that can earn Cine & Hive. A way that both Cine and 3speak can grow. But, what we come up with remains to be seen!

The Brofund will continue to build. I am always looking at ways to increase dividends and build our pot and I think this will only grow over the coming months.

That’s it I think!

And that’s it! Carpe Diem folks 🙂

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