What IS The Man Cave Project?

This will take a little explanation so you will have to bear with me. First of all I’m going to have to explain to you a little about Hive.

Hive is the blockchain we are situated on. Yes, we are a blockchain project! This is probably your one and only chance to get involved in cryptocurrency for free. Crazy, huh?

But free you ask?? What is the catch? Nothing in life is for free!

Okay, so here’s the deal. The Hive blockchain was uniquely set up in a way that rewards people with big hive pockets, and also little people that come in to play the game. It’s quite beautiful the way Hive works.

Okay, so most of you that land on this page will know by now that Bitcoin miners pump out new Bitcoin. You probably don’t know why, or how, but you know that miners create new shiny Bitcoins to spend. This is how Bitcoin essentially creates a new flow of people coming into the game, or at least it was several years ago. You could hook your PC up and BAM, you’re mining free coins, albeit electricity costs.

Now Hive does the same thing. But we are a content platform. We are much more but let’s keep it simple. Hive decided to mine their coins a little differently.

We started off as a content platform and people could share their audio, music, video’s, and writing on the blockchain with the potential to get free coins that have an intrinsic value attached to them. When big stakeholders (and little holders) like your work they “upvote it” like in Reddit, right? Upvotes is a way of saying, “Hey man, I love this stuff”

But on Hive when people “upvote” content it has a monetary value attached to it. It all depends on who votes you and how much Hive Power they have. (Psst, those are the people that have invested hundreds of thousands), and to mine new coins (like a Bitcoin miner does), they have to upvote content. So if say a big old ass player comes along with a Million Hive Power and upvotes you — then your content payout will be quite a bit. Right now it may be in the $50 range depending on the Hive token price. You get $25 of that, as do they. Some people stack hundreds of upvotes and get a big payout.

Cool huh? Oh but wait, there’s more.

Hive is also a layering token. Sort of like Ethereum, people can come along and take the code and create their own projects on the back of Hive. We call this the second layer. So this cool bloke with the handle Aggroed came along and said, “Hey, I’d like to build this cool app on here” and so he did. And thus Hive Engine was born.

On hive engine for a small creation fee you can create your very own token and do with what you want from it. And thus, The Man Cave Project was born.

You see here at The Man Cave Project we wanted to solidify our token before we did anything else. That means we wanted to create a robust token that rewarded users for holding it. That’s it. All you need to do is hold the token and you will be rewarded for holding it.

What do you get you ask? I know, it’s on your mind already.

You get a selection of other hive-engine tokens added to your wallet each and every night at 00:00 GMT. These only grow as BRO spreads its wings far and wide and collects and adds new tokens to its roster.

But we’re not just a tokenized project – we’re also a social project

Yep, as we grow you will be able to do more and more things with us. Right now you can chat with us in our discord — and we have many channels that can take your fancy. Recently, I hired a professional entertainer for example. He pops in every week and entertains us for an hour!

Expect more, lots more!