What IS The Man Cave


The Man Cave is a community of men created expressly for the needs and wants of men. We exist solely to provide a place for men to thrive in whichever fashion that may be. Be it financial, social, or influential.

We began in 2018 where we harnessed the abilities of our social spheres and brought in men from all walks of life to help with building up our space. Police force, engineers, builders, entrepreneurs, and so forth. However we were hit by a massive slump in the market and careered outwards without any engines. We were a sitting duck for many years.

Luckily, in 2020, a sole whale took pity on us and decided to Dpos out his cryptocurrency to give us a leg up in the financial side. And since then, our token $BRO is now one of the most robust tokens in the Hive sphere.

What is this Hive you keep talking about?

Hive is a social blogging blockchain where you can earn rewards for your participation. It is one of the only blockchain’s in the world where you can start with nothing and earn a decent amount of cryptocurrency. How much? Well, it depends on the effort and time that you are willing to put in.

The premise of hive is that good writing will get rewarded and bad content will be voted down. Sort of like Medium but without a biased algorithm and a true reward system. So views are entirely organic and rewards are completely natural. There is no jerrymandering the system or forcing people to view the content that they don’t want to.

Free Money? Sounds Scammy

No, not really. This is where I lose most people. Bitcoin mines new blocks and new coins are created, right? This is called mining. Our mining works differently. An author writes a post and someone will come along and upvote it, if it’s upvotable. This upvote then mints new coins into the blockchain, half is rewarded to the author, and the other half rewarded to the curator. New coins are made, and both author and reader will share in those new coins.

Right, so.. Man Cave Project?

Yup. We exist on the hive blockchain and we take advantage of this system. We finance our projects through our token. Our token, $BRO, will give you rewards each day for holding it. The more projects I venture into then the more projects the $BRO token will spit out daily, giving you a better return on your investment. All of the projects we are invested into are on the Hive blockchain on hive-engine.

This in turn funds our other projects such as BRO-FI, and CineTV, and a whole list of other stuff I have in the works for the future.

But that’s just one side of it of course. Our community, which is on Discord, we tend to be heavily involved in sharing, creating and talking openly. We encourage others to share their good tips, not just on finance but on the real world too — and we have been known to steer a few people in the right direction, but not always.

The social side is very new of course; we are just beginning to work and shape this up, and test what works and what doesn’t. However I have a whole list of social-activities planned for next year and beyond for us to get our teeth sunk into. It is going to be a LOT of fun.


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