What’s in Store For The Next Six Months in The Man Cave

by themancaveproject

Well guys (and gals), a lot of you know that I had set my sights on a website. The idea being that we wouldn’t also be just a discord community but a hub of sorts. A hub where men can go and get all sorts of help, advice, guidance and entertainment if they so please. This is what I will be working on in the foreseeable future whilst we wait on the launching of DreamR. DreamR will also have a place here, on this site, but not until it’s ready. So hold fire.

Here are some of the things I want to have completed in the next six months on this website, or at the very least, be on the way to completion:

Dad help for young men.

I was an only child growing up. I didn’t have a strong father figure or a crazy older brother to lead me anywhere so I was left figuring out this world on my lonesome. Sure, my mother was there in bundles of love but she couldn’t help me with any of the guy stuff. This is why I want to create a portal for young men by men, sort of like a place where young men can go and learn how to change a car tyre or something. Nothing too far out there, but just a nice collection of material for the people that need it most. I will be looking for volunteer content creators for that with all sorts of skills. I’m looking for people that understand leadership and/or handywork, amongst many other things.

Influencer Portal

I’m still researching this one, and the idea is likely to change over the coming months but what I’d like to do is get a collection of content creators on YouTube, the web, and perhaps in business to come in and talk about their lives. How they’ve succeeded, what do they classify as success, the challenges they faced, what sort of mindset have they needed to push through, and so on. It won’t just be tailored to business, but also relationships, marriage, friendship building and a whole list of other things. I’ll be looking to have these once a week/month. Sort of like when we can grab in a popular speaker to speak to you guys.

We’ve started a Twitch channel

You might groan here and wonder why I’m not going with one of the popular cryptocurrency alternatives. I mean I get what you’re saying, but my idea is to get people that aren’t interested in crypto already, interested. So we will be going to twitch and streaming our gaming sessions. There is already a few members of the gaming community in the man cave so I will be asking them if they would be interested in venturing out into the world of mainstream with me. Anything I make from here (if anything, to be honest it’s just a little fun whilst we game, will be going straight into our fund!)

I’m going hard on YouTube

I’ve found one of the best promotional tools in your arsenal over the last four years is video marketing. Right now YouTube is one of the most actively watched video services in the world. I’ve been keeping my finger on the pulse with these guys and it seems they are actively purging cryptocurrency channels off their website, but we will utilise their services in a different way. For instance a lot of the dad help and Influencer portals can be used through YouTube videos. We can do little things like explain that the video is sponsored by the man cave, and many other little things. I will keep you informed.

Looking to create another coin

I will have to look at the economics of it all and how to create value, but I will be looking to create another coin that will be minted from BRO. So if say you have 1000 BRO then perhaps you will get 5 of these new coins daily. I’ll have to think long and hard about the economic model but I will be primarily looking at functionality with our website. So if say we have a popular influencer taking questions and answers then to gain access you’ll need to send us 100 of your new tokens. Again, I’m unsure yet how this will work, or even if it will work, but it’s something that I’m seriously considering in the future.

@silverstackeruk and myself will be looking into crypto games

Last but not least, myself and @silverstackeruk are looking into ways to create new mini-crypto games. The ideas so far are simple, but they will be a lot of fun to play. That being said I can’t announce anything more about that… yet.

And that’s it for now my fellow Bros. Stay well!

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