Why A Place For Men?


There’s a lot of negative press when it comes to men’s groups – the biggest argument being that men have owned their own spaces since the dawn of time.

I grew up without a dad. I had to learn what being a man was in my own way. Mostly I would learn from my bigger more wiser friends but unbeknownst to me they were just learning themselves too. So I picked up quite a few bad habits. I’m sure this was the case for many, many young men of my time and beyond — no real good role models to learn from and we just had to, “figure it out on our own.”

This is why I created The Man Cave, so that we could learn from each other in a supportive and encouraging environment, where men could come together, build, share, learn from each other, and earn. It is a place to be unapologetically men without any outside interference, or people telling us that we can and can’t do certain things.

That is all. Nothing more, nothing less!

Now, I’m not trying to define what being a man is here. One can be tall, bulky, and can chop wood with just your fists, or on the other hand you could be small, a gamer, and like the occasional dungeons and dragons game — the important part being is that there’s no real defining trait. Only that you enjoy manly things, and you identify as a man – whatever that may be.

You’ll also have to be aware that we don’t tolerate censorship or bullying in the cave. If you’ve come to tell us how evil / cucked we are then you’re probably not going to last very long, and none of us are going to be pandering to your sensitivities — we believe in stoicism and robustness in the man cave.

As Spock said in Star Trek II,

“The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.”

Which means that you’ll have to understand than you’re in a group of men from all different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, and there are some things that you’ll just have to tolerate for the greater good.

That being said, women are allowed in the cave, and like the women already in there you’ll have to understand that it’s mostly filled with men and you will put up with the stupid stuff that we do (and our weird sense of humour). Same reason why I don’t go into all women places!


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