Why Success is Hard

If you’ve tried to be successful in life you’re probably already asking yourself the question why success is hard? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s probably one of the toughest things you’re going to attempt in life, but the rewards, and wait, will well outweigh not taking the chance at seeing some of it in your life.

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Success is two pronged. It can be subjective. Where you measure your own version of it; you might just want to get a job, or hell, just stay out of bed for a full day. The value of this success is what matters to you most, and what you should ultimately focus on — because it really doesn’t matter what other people think of you at the end of the day as long as you are crushing your own goals. That’s all that matters.

Then there’s the success that is objective. This is when other people view you determined on societies expectations. Most people can stay out of bed all day, so in the wide arena if that was your goal, then it would only matter to your friends or family; success in this area would be measured on what only a few people can do.

Objective success may look like generating an insane amount of following on social media, or becoming one of the richest guys on your housing block. Think of it as you becoming successful in the eyes of many, rather than the few. Believe it or not almost everyone has something they are good at, the trick is finding it and bringing it out of yourself.

To be successful in life you want to have a good mixture of both subjective and objective end goals. To focus on the objective, you must constantly “move the goal posts” of the subjective. Maybe you crushed getting out of bed last week, perhaps the following week you can focus on keeping the house clean, then once you’ve mastered that you can move onto another goal.

Being successful isn’t a love-train of awesomeness 24/7 — it’s usually doing the things you find hard to do and overcoming them. One thing that used to give me the horrendous frighteners was speaking to an audience but by not attempting it, it was stopping me from getting to where I wanted to be in life.

I wanted to have a blog, a book and a community, but by not learning how to hold an audience well there was no way I could progress to reaching my goals.

You know what I mean right? When you just keep putting it off. “I’ll do it tomorrow” but it never gets done. It never will if you don’t take that leap forward.

That’s the hard part. Overcoming anxiety and taking that leap forward.

Success is Hard because you have to “overcome”

If you look at society as a whole, anyone that’s had a free ride to things that are hard to come by; fame, money, sexual abundance, then they are usually met by scorn and ridicule. Donald Trump was famously met with scorn when he went on TV and told us that he had a hard life; his Dad only left him a million dollars to get by. Now to him this was probably a tiny amount seeing as his Dad was a billionaire, but to about 99% of people in the world a million dollars is something they won’t be able to achieve themselves, let alone be left it by a family member.

The backlash from that statement was apparent, and quite rightly so, because to most people in the world old Trumpy has had a fairly easy ride, regardless of how he views himself on a personal level.

Then take someone like J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books who was famously dirt poor before she started writing the series. I remember hearing rumours of her struggling to pay her rent whilst she was writing the philosophers stone. She’s a well loved and liked business women and lots of people want to follow her story, because it’s one they can touch, or relate to.

That being said both of these people had to “overcome” obstacles in their life to be successful. Mr Trump could have taken his Million and bought a nice house, and a nice car, then live comfortably for the rest of his life but he decided to take that money and turn it into an empire — just look at the obstacles that were thrown in his way. You only need look at the last election cycle to understand what he went through.

J.K Rowling had to go through the burden of having to scrounge for rent and live whilst creating one of the greatest ever fiction franchises the world has ever seen. I bet it didn’t just land there, she probably had to do without quite a bit to get what she needed done.

Success isn’t easy for sure.

For you to be a success, someone else has to lose

I don’t mean this in a spiritual sense where the cosmos will knife someone in the back for your successes, but more so that everything in life is a competition of sorts. Some of it outwardly competitive, other parts of it under the surface competitive. Think of it like this. I’ve always said I want my business ethics to work with everyone, but I still want all my products and services to be the best. So on the surface level even although I am working with everyone I am still at base in competition with them.

When you pick a partner in life you are almost always defeating several other men to get there. When applying a job you are always winning over hundreds of other potential candidates for the position. When you make thousands of dollars on a crypto coin, it’s always off the backs of many others that sold and lost. In some way or form, the small successes that you make are almost always at the expense of others. But that isn’t a bad thing. We live in a competitive hierarchical market. You win or you lose.

This isn’t a bad thing per se, but it’s hard because you are always competing against the best efforts of others. Even on hive we are all competing for big upvotes, on this website I am competing with the millions of other articles ranked for the same keywords, and if you’re reading this you are obviously trying to “level up” your game in some way.

It’s always going to be hard when you aim for success because the higher the ladder that you want to climb then the more difficult and competitive it will become. If you try and be a success at getting out of bed then you are only competing against your own will, but then if you are competing for the CEO of a fortune 500 company then expect the competition to be brutal and for you to bathe in blood for many weeks.

So, success is definitely hard.

Life also gets in the way

It is really hard to stay successful when your wife is having a baby, or a family member that you love has died, or even that you’re moving home. Sometimes life throws in huge curveballs and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from dealing with it in that moment. What happens when you deal with it? Well, it gets in the way of your success. When I first had my child there was no way I’d be able to do what I can now. My wife took several months to recover, and not only that but we had a screaming baby boy needing our help in every possible way. Success had to go on hold.

When trying to achieve something in my life it always felt a little out of reach. Like I could grab it but I couldn’t quite get there just yet. To become successful it takes time because of life in general. It has taken me forty years to get to this point in my life and a lot has been thrown in my path; from addiction to family members dying. It has not been easy.

I guess if you want to think of success then it’s more of a journey than anything else. When you factor in everything that I’ve talked about from overcoming obstacles, to life being purely competitive then there are a myriad of problems that you have to personally work out first before you can even think about tasting it.

Once you achieve success though, it becomes easier and easier to replicate — because by then you know the journey, the type of length it will take, and the problems you will face along the way.

So start now. You are never too old to be successful in what you do.

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